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Underfloor Heating Systems, what do you stand to gain?

Here are some of the benefits of having a radiant underfloor heating system;

Soothing & Warm Floors

The underfloor heating systems cater for the entire room and gives you the luxurious comfort of heated floors. It also offers the advantage of an invisible, noise free and maintenance-free heating system. Furthermore, these heating systems can be structured room by room, thereby giving everyone in the building a chance to set a comfortable heat level.

Freedom of Space

There are no ducts, heat vents, pipes, or mechanical room. These heating systems give you complete freedom of space and enough room for design whenever you’re building or remodelling a home. Since they are zoned into different parts of the house, users can choose precise levels of comfort wherever and whenever they need warmth.


It’s Energy Efficient & Cost Effective

Underfloor heating systems have a lower temperature than baseboards or standard radiators, thereby reducing heating costs. Since the heat source is evenly spread all over the floor, it provides a significantly higher level of comfort. Most of these heat systems also have a zero maintenance requirement.

Customised Temperature Control

There has been progressing in the forms and functions of underfloor heating systems with advances in technology. Now, there are proprietary control parts that can successfully operate and monitor electronic floor heating systems. The recent systems are more exact than their peers and are tailored to fit into the 21st-century homes.

Checks Dust Circulation and Increases Safety

The radiant heat produced by the underfloor heating systems reduces air circulation and humidity. This implies a reduction in the incidence of dust mites and allergies. There are also no hard metal edges or hot low-level surfaces as seen in radiators, making the heat system child-friendly. The indoor air is also safe to breathe in.

We are the new system and boiler specialists. We are able to create for our clients underfloor heating systems that suit your needs. Contact us today for a quote.


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