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Have you been wondering what’s so special in power flushing a heating system? Are you in Buckinghamshire or its surrounding counties and you require the cleaning of your entire heating system?

Why do you have to Power Flush?

However, when you service your heating system with a power flush, it cleans the whole heating system, not leaving out the boiler’s heat exchangers. Cleaning these heat exchangers help to get rid of any filth, sludge or accumulation of lime which reduces the competence of the boiler. Filth has an adverse impact on the heating system as it causes cold spots on radiators and reduces the amount of heat that’s let out.

When dirt is on the pump, it causes an extra wear and strain which makes the pump to stop working eventually. This consequently will stop your entire heating system from operating. As such, the build-up of dirt on the heat exchangers of your boilers will cause them to give out less heat – a risk for total damage.


How Does a Power Flushing Work?

It can take half a day to complete power flushing for a small system. It works by pumping water and recommended chemicals at a high velocity through the heating system. This helps to loosen, mobilise and suspend destructive corrosion deposits in the flowing water. The flushing process is usually improved by the use of cleansing chemicals. These power flush chemicals are forced around the entire heating system’s pipe work and radiators as well as the cylinder. This helps to ensure that all internal parts are shining.

After this, the technicians will input a system inhibitor into the heating system to prevent future build-up of dirt, sludge or lime. A Power flush is not necessary for all heating systems, but it’s very beneficial as it helps to solve lots of problems linked with heating systems. It’s also worthy to note that your heating system would be power flushed only during boiler replacement or installation.

Where is power flushing applicable?

You can power flush if:

  • your boiler takes much time to heat up
  • the radiator’s water is black, or there’s an iron oxide sludge
  • there are cold spots in the middle of the radiator
  • there are repeated pump failures
  • there are bizarre noises
  •  dirt needs to be removed from the radiators
  • the pin hole in radiator body is leaking.

We are the new system and boiler specialists. Contact us and we’ll be more than glad to show up at your doorstep for power flushing tasks.


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