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New Boiler Installation, is it Worth your Investment?

Are you being forced to heat your property with electric heaters? Is yours a case of an old boiler that’s getting worn out? Do you know that a new boiler installation can save you lots of money in the long run? Yes, that is possible.

All condensing gas boiler systems will improv energy efficiency. This translates to having a better heating system at home that is cost-efficient in contrast to the conventional boilers and electric heaters. So, if you’re considering a new boiler installation, here are some reasons to do that based on the challenges that people face with their old boilers and heaters;

Issues Associated with Boilers

If your gas or oil boiler is getting worn out but still functional, there’s a tendency for it to be wasting energy and consequently your money. This could happen as a result of the re-heating slow pace of the gravity fed cylinder. Also, if the cylinder has no thermostat, it becomes difficult to control and might lead to an excessive heating of water – a potential cause of scalding.


Ineffectiveness of Electric Heaters

As a means of saving money, people sometimes prefer to go for portable electric heaters and ditch the boilers. This is because it makes more sense to invest on portable heaters especially of you’re only using one/two rooms than to go for a new boiler installation. Although electric heaters seem to be cheap, they consume more electricity, and that makes them expensive to run.

Why a New Boiler Installation is the Best Deal

In line with the report of Energy Savings Trust, the replacement of a massive weight boiler with the modern condensing boiler can slash your annual heating bill by almost £300. This is because of their smooth operation and the availability of programmable controls.

It’s apparent that the long-term benefits of installing a new condensing boiler are there for smart users to grab. So, it’s up to you to either seize the opportunity or not as it’s a worthy investment.

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