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Do you require commercial heating for your office or work place? Do you have a large house which requires a heating specialist? Require your commercial building to be warm, comfortable and draft free for you and your employees? Then, commercial heating is what you need.

Importance of Commercial Heating

A heater can be used for very different environments. From a small retail shop to a huge mall, from your large home, office, garage or a warehouse – there are numerous types of commercial heaters that will suit your specific heating needs and create the perfect environment for your activities.

Why Choose SE Cook For Your Commercial Heating

Here at SE Cook we dare very flexible on the type of commercial buildings we work on. We have the expertise and experience to work on small or large premises and can advise you on the right commercial heating system for you, the building or home you own and the employees you hire.


Choosing a Commercial Heating System

When selecting a commercial heater you need one that not only looks visually appealing but most importantly that is practical. Also, choosing a specific type should be according to the particular place and use you intend them for.

There are also many heaters that can be customised in terms of colour, finish and installation options. There are four main commercial heater types: Valve and Pump, Boilers and Multi Boilers, Forced-draft and warm air conditioning systems, Heating Controls and Sensors plus Hot Water Systems. Contacting a professional heating engineer like ourselves will enormously save you some extra cost and help you choose the suitable heating system you need.

Commercial Heating Maintenance

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems need regular check-up. Waiting until equipment breaks down is not the best practice when it comes to keeping commercial units running smoothly. Wherever one does business or lives it pays to keep a close eye on equipment and get it serviced before breakdowns occur.

We are the heating specialists. Contact us and one of our team members at SE Cook will contact you back to take up your repair needs.

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Sam started S E Cook Heating & Plumbing as a sole trader back in May 2010. Previous to that he had built up 10 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, working for various reputable companies in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Sam is a fully qualified plumber, who is also domestically Gas Safe, commercially Gas Safe and Oftec registered. The business has now expanded to also include 4 employees including his wife Alison who has been helping out with admin since the business went limited in 2016. In Sam’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and the odd round of golf.