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Are you needing a new central heating control installed by a certified engineer? Looking to make savings with your heating costs? Want to update your current central heating control with an updated version?

How Central Heating Control Saves Money

It’s important that if you have a central heating control in your home that it is not out of date. If it is then it can be a lot of energy wasted leading to it costing you a lot of money. Central heating control which is not up to date can also cause heating problems such as water can become too hot which will lead to scalding.

How To Get The Best From Heating Controls

Getting the right type of central heating control is crucial to saving money. The sort of heating control you’ll need will depend on the heating system in your home plus if your hot water comes through a hot water cylinder or via your boiler. Do speak to one of our heating engineer specialists to discuss the type of controls you will require for your home.

Five Main Central Heating Control Systems

The five main heating controls you need to consider for your home are:

  1. Smart Thermostats – You can manage the temperature in your building without you being there.
  2. Timer – Can turn your boiler off and on at set times.
  3. Programmer – Allows you to set various times and temperatures in a particularly day in the week.
  4. Room thermostat – Able to adapt the operation of the boiler and measure how hot your rooms are.
  5. Thermostatic Radiator Valves – You can adjust the temperatures of each radiator and be able to turn them off completely.

Using Central Heating Controls effectively

When using central heating controls, it allows you to take control of where, when and at what temperature your heat is operating at. There are simple ways that will allow you to effectively use your heating controls such as programming the heating to only operate whilst there are people in the building.

We are the new system and boiler specialists. You can solve the pressure fluctuations of hot water systems yourself, but in case it doesn’t work out, then you need a certified gas heating engineer! Contact us today.

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